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Kingerlee Ltd

Kingerlee Ltd, our main contracting division have been providing high quality and sustainable construction projects since 1868. We are proud to be a collaborative business working enthusiastically with sensitive heritage projects and modern progressive buildings with equal passion. With more than 120 directly employed staff, we nurture and value good interpersonal skills in our workforce, fostered by an open door and inclusive style of management.

The importance placed on sound working relationships within the company is a natural springboard for the strong links developed with clients, sub-contractors and suppliers. Whether existing relationships built over many years or new opportunities, we bring the careful application of skills and project management, practiced over five generations of dependable trading, to every discipline.

Meet the TeamLeadership Team

  • Chairman

    David Kingerlee
  • Managing Director

    Darren Arekion
  • Group Finance Director

    David Warlow
  • Construction Director

    Glynn Biggins
  • Commercial Director

    Colin Botton
  • Special Projects Director

    James Smith
  • Pre-Construction Director

    Robin Hambidge