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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Kingerlee is committed to behaving ethically and considerately. We take steps to ensure our business is making a positive contribution to our local community and its economic development. The development and support of our people is a priority for us.

Some elements of our commitment to our local community include:

Charity of the Year Partnership

Kingerlee are delighted to announce that we will be supporting SeeSaw as our charity of 2021. SeeSaw are a charity that provides grief support for children, young people and their families in Oxfordshire. They help to reduce the emotional, psychological, and mental consequences of bereavement. To keep up to date with our fundraising throughout the year, check in on our news page or any of our social media platforms.

Work Experience

We offer work experience placements through local schools and colleges offering site and Joinery workshop experience.

Community Wood Recycling

As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, wherever possible, Kingerlee use The National Community Wood Recycling Project to manage waste timber generated by its construction sites.

We are pleased to have recently received a Social Impact Report detailing that 50 Tonnes of timber have been diverted from landfill with the added benefit that it has provided 63 volunteer days of work, 3 volunteer positions and 7 months of paid employment.

Community Wood Recycling also employs ex-offenders, those with mental health or learning difficulties and those who have faced drug and alcohol problems, getting them back to work or into employment for the first time. 100% of the timber is recycled and used to make products, from shelving units to garden planters, which are then sold at stores and online. If the wood is not good enough to be a useful product it is used for firewood.

Health, safety & environment

Kingerlee have always attached the greatest importance to the safety, health and welfare of all employees and supply chain partners whilst at work. The company has an excellent record in this respect, and it is our policy to do everything reasonably practicable to prevent injury or ill health to our employees at work or of anyone else who may be affectedby our operations. 


We have a formal health and safety management system that has achieved certification to the standards required by BS ISO 45001:2018. Such certification is considered by the Health & Safety Executive, via their publication “Managing health and safety in construction” (L153), to demonstrate that a contractor has the health and safety skills, knowledge, experience and organisational capability as required by The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. View our certificate of registration. View our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

In order to keep up to date with proposed changes in health and safety legislation, we are members of The Construction Health and Safety Group - one of the foremost exchange forums in the construction industry. Through its monthly meetings, it offers regular opportunities to receive updates on new regulations, codes of practice, innovations etc. and to hear and question Health and Safety Executive Inspectors.

We are also committed to the protection of our environment and we endeavour to ensure that our work activities have a minimal impact on the environment by, controlling nuisance from noise, dust and traffic movements, protecting watercourses and the ground from contamination, preserving our cultural heritage, flora and fauna and reducing and correctly disposing of waste. View our Environmental Policy.

We have a formal Environmental Management System which has achieved certification to the standards required by BS EN ISO 14001:2015.  View our Certificate of Registration. Keith Shackleton, our in-house Health, Safety and Environment Manager, is a chartered member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and a member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and holds a Diploma in Environment and Development Studies.

Promoting health, safety and environmental awareness and understanding amongst all members of staff, through effective training plans, and the use of integrated management policy and procedures is the key to achieving high levels of performance in these important areas of the business.


Despite the pandemic, our offices, workshops and construction sites are all up and running. Risk assessments have been carried out in accordance with guidance provided by Public Health England, Central Government, The Construction Leadership Council and The Home Builders Federation. We have also developed a Covid-19 Social Distancing Code of Conduct (available in various translations) to be signed by all those working on our construction sites.

Sustainable Construction

Our construction team holds a wide portfolio of sustainable and environmental experience. In collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation we have also been involved in a project to demonstrate the most effective route to a low energy and low carbon building, using natural construction materials.

We have experience working on many sustainable schemes that include the use of:

• Building and monitoring Management Systems

• Cement replacement options

• Solar panels and heating

• Green and sedum roofs

• Rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling

• Wind turbines

• Photo Voltaic installations

• Thermal bores and ground source heat recovery

• Low temperature under floor heating

• Environmentally sourced timber


Environmental Project – The Natural House

Undertaken at the Building Research Establishment, this house was built by Kingerlee with the following key features:

• Highly energy efficient with locally sourced materials

• Affordable, practical and attractive

• Reducing carbon footprint

• Replicable and simple – sustainable solutions


Kingerlee have always embraced achieving the highest levels of quality for our clients. Our processes and systems have been developed to guide our business activities from inception to completion and are fully accredited to the standards required by BS EN ISO9001:2015. 

View our Certificate of Registration

View our Quality Policy